Our Faculty of Political Science, which was established in 2013, has two departments: Political Science and Public Administration as well as International Relations.

Our first faculty member started the same year. Currently, one assistant professor and two research assistants are employed full-time as faculty members, and one research assistant within the scope of ÖYP (Faculty Development Program) is expected to join our team after accomplishing his graduate studies.

Our Faculty keeps working on the establishment process for undergraduate education. Students who wish to get their undergraduate education in our faculty departments should take YGS-LYS (Higher Education Examination-Undergraduate Placement Examination), which is a standardized test for the admission to higher education in Turkey administered by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement System). Our faculty departments require a TM-2 (Turkish-Mathematics-2) score among other categories. (For detailed information about examinations and scores please visit www.osym.gov.tr).

Students need to follow preparation class at YADYO (School of Foreign Languages) for one year after being registered in their departments. Students who succeed in the English exam prepared and conducted by YADYO at the beginning of the academic year will have the opportunity to skip the preparation class and start directly to their undergraduate education.